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sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

Pete Hughes: um dos nossos designers preferidos!

Como muitos sabem o designer da Sizzix Pete Hughes e a 512 Ideias são amigos de longa data! E por isso foi com muita alegria nossa que ontem fomos presenteados com este post do Pete no blog da Sizzix UK. Estamos babadas e orgulhosas! Até porque o Pete, tal como nós, é fã da My Mind's Eye e claro que o cartão dele está ainda mais bonito que o nosso!

Com a autorização dele, publicamos aqui o post na integra que para além das suas simpáticas palavras tem ainda um tutorial de como fazer o cartão.

Oh Christmas Tree! (part 1)

Thursday, 10 November, 2011
Staceythumb1by Pete Hughes

People often ask how we get our ideas, and often, I jokingly reply that it is much easier to steal ideas than wait for that fickle mistress 'Inspiration' to make an appearance! Actually, I am only half joking because ideas can be sparked by what we see every day, at work, in the shops, magazines etc. Sometimes you see a beautiful card and it sets off creative fireworks which take you in a dozen different directions at once and the results are unrecognisable from their source!
Since reading Paula's blogs on the 3D Christmas trees, firstly with the Rosette die and then the eclips snowflake I started to mull over a few different ways to recreate this most versatile of shapes using unusual techniques and dies.
On Tuesday I received a marvelous magazine in the post from my good friend Patricia Villas-Boas who is our distributor in Portugal, she is also a very talented lady who is brimming with bright ideas. One of the Cards in her magazine used the rosette die to great effect in a way which I had never thought of before. Immediately I got on the phone and asked if I could adapt (steal) her idea to use for my blog to which she very graciously consented.

I hope you like the results, I used both paper rosette dies, Paper Rosette (656931) and Mini Paper Rosettes (657177) both by Tim Holtz. For papers I used the Lost and Found Range from My Mind's Eye.
Die cut several strips of patterned paper using the Paper Rosette die and deepen the colour around the edges using an ink blending tool. Choose the paper as a base for the tree and mark out the size and shape of the tree as a guide.

I used a glue gun to attach the individual strips but be very careful because once they are stuck down there is no turning back. Build up the layers using shorter and shorter die cut strips.

Use a sanding block and ink blender to distress the edges of the card and make a small paper rosette to sit at the top of the tree. Finally, mount onto your base card and add a few adhesive gems to the paper rosette to offer a little Yuletide sparkle.

Nós próximos dias mostraremos outros cartões feitos pelo Pete sobre o tema Christmas Tree!
Thank you Pete!

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